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Clayne Crawford Is Fired From Fox's 'Lethal Weapon'

Layne Crawford with co-star Damon Wayans, in back, during a scene of Fox's cop series "Lethal Weapon" (Photo Warner Bros. Television).

LOS ANGELES – The producers of Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” have confirmed the departure of the show’s star Clayne Crawford, who portrayed Martin Riggs opposite co-star Damon Wayans in the TV reboot of the film series.

Warner Bros. Television is reportedly searching for a replacement for Crawford, who has been in the middle of several on-set incidents that allegedly disrupted production of the one-hour cop series. Whether studio is able to find a suitable replacement for Crawford will determine whether or not the series gets a third season, sources said. No decision has yet been made on the future of the show. Fox’s upfront presentation will be held on Monday, May 14.

Crawford’s departure from the series comes just two weeks after it was revealed the former “Rectify” star had been reprimanded twice for his on-set behavior. In a statement posted on Instagram, Crawford shared details of the two incidents for which he was reprimanded, which also related to concerns over working conditions.

Crawford said of the incidents, which occurred last fall, that he “reacted with anger over working conditions that did not feel safe or conducive to good work,” which prompted an angry response from the director and assistant director of the episode being shot. Crawford said that, following instruction from executives at Warner Bros. Television, which produces the show, he began and completed therapy and shared part of his pay from the episode with one of those involved.

Crawford said the second incident took place this spring during production of the show’s first episode in which he served as director. During filming, an actor was hit by a piece of shrapnel from a special effect. “I take responsibility for the incident, because I was in charge of the set,” he said. “I absolutely love, respect, and care for my crew and cast and would never intentionally jeopardize so many jobs.”

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