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Magnus Gunnarsson to Release Debut Album

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Magnus Gunnarsson reaches back to his musical roots in his new album “No Place Like Home,” releasing in June.

“I’ve written many songs for the past few years and I’m very excited to be releasing them now,” he said.

Gunnarsson is the newest artist from Iceland who is making an impact on the music scene. His “No Place Like Home,” is a collection of songs from the Iceland-born performer whose music has touched a chord with music fans since his arrival in 2015. The album is an eclectic blend of music that has been at the heart of his music such as alternative rock, country, pop, rhythm and blues and classic rock.

“I think the influences of the album come from all the music I’ve been around since a child. It all comes together in my album and shapes the music I’m making today. I didn’t write any song trying to write like another artist or a band,” he said. “My dad introduced me to the Beatles, Eagles, Pink Floyd, and all those great bands so that’s what I grew up listening to and I believe my music style comes from those eras but transformed into a more modern sound.”

The album includes the new single “If Today Makes Tomorrow All Right,” which was written by Gunnarsson’s father originally with the bridge written by the artist himself. The song was released on his father’s birthday on May 4.

“I love the idea that the melody is 40 years old and I stumbled on it by an accident when I asked my dad to play on my guitar last summer,” he recalled. “He played the melody and I thought it was beautiful, so I decided to make a song out of it.”

The new album is the culmination of lifelong journey for Gunnarsson whose passion for music began early on. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, Gunnarsson grew up listening to the Beatles, Pink Floyd and others before taking up the guitar and exploring his own musical leanings. Even as he explored his music, the young musician became a standout tennis player, ultimately joining Iceland’s National Tennis Team and traveling the world for a number of competitions.

With a grandfather who served as an Olympic sprinter, Gunnarsson’s interest in sports led him to earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sport Science at the University of Reykjavik. But music was his true passion as he decided to embark on a music career that would take him to the U.S. and the establishment of his work as a musician and the launch of his own solo career with a string of hit singles in his native country.

“I wanted to work with the best in the music industry so I moved to Los Angeles, the decision wasn’t difficult, but the process wasn’t easy. There’s a lot to think about before moving to another country and studying abroad,” he said. “My family gave me great support, they knew that I wanted to pursue music and that I had talent for it.”

Meanwhile, Gunnarsson is making plans for his upcoming tour in support of his album “No Place Like Home,” and his upcoming singles.

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