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Frisco to Compose Soundtrack for Film Thriller '10 Steps to Fame'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Strings' frontman Frisco is going Hollywood - so to speak - as he prepares to compose the soundtrack for the film thriller “10 Steps to Fame.”

“I am very pleased to bring my music to this exciting new film,” said Frisco, whose real name is Yahor Tretsyakou-Savich. “I’m very grateful to writer/producer Leonid Andronov for giving me this opportunity to share my music with a whole new audience.”

As founder and lead composer of the alternative rock band The Strings, the rocker is stepping away from the band and taking on film scoring for the first time. He says he plans to share his unique sound with audiences through his own musical compositions written just for the film.

“I’m a musician too and we share an understanding about the importance of music so he’s full of ideas and when I listened to his music, I felt this is the guy. His music has raw energy, power and impact that you seldom see in film composers," Andronov said.

“10 Steps to Fame” tells the story of a banned reality television show that was created to test people's moral limits that suddenly turns a Friday night into a nightmare for two young couples, changing their lives forever.

The news comes as he prepares to release his debut solo album “Frisco,” next month, featuring a mix of rock ballads, pop and rhythm and blues.

Frisco promises the film will have an eclectic mix of sound with a decidedly hard metal edge and an emphasis on melody and tone - something his fans have come to know.

“Since the film is a horror thriller, the music will have a dark element and an unusual vibe,” Frisco said. “It’s going to be a departure from working with The Strings, but it’s going to be very creative and a lot of fun.”

With casting still underway, “10 Steps to Fame,” will begin production later this year with its theatrical release sometime in 2019.

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