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Filmmaker Deepthi Madhavan to Produce Sci-Fi Thriller 'Upside to the End'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Noted filmmaker Deepthi Madhavan (“Third Time Lucky”) takes a step away from gripping dramas to produce the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Upside to the End.”

Written by Waleed Sharif directed by Nikhil Newse, the film tells the story of an alien being that has invaded the peacefulness of a quiet suburb, leaving a string of victims in its wake. The film stars Megan Barker, Michael Harrow and Christopher Tedrow.

“I’m very excited about this project and the interesting storyline of people thrown into an extraordinary life-and-death situation and how they cope with it,” Madhavan said. “We have a great cast, an amazing director and crew that brings this exciting story to life, so I think fans will be thrilled when they see it.”

Madhavan, who is known for her work in indie emotional dramas, explores an entirely new genre, admitting she has a passion for unusual stories that delve in the world of science fiction and horror.

“It’s what attracted me to this project from the beginning,” she said. “There are some truly interesting characters and situations that will engage with audiences that blend drama and sci-fi in a very exciting way so it’s not really much of a reach for me to do this film.

”Although plot lines remain under wrap, Madhavan said “Upside to the End” will feature exciting special effects and unique make up artistry from talented make up artists, the film will emphasize characterization and drama. The film is scheduled for release next year.

Madhavan comes to “Upside to the End” after completing work on the film drama “Third Time Lucky.” The movie tells the story of man who as a child saw two women get raped, but was unable to do anything about it, until he faces the same situation as an adult.

“Upside to the End ” is produced by Madhavan and Sonali Sundararaj.

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