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George Eads, Is Reportedly Leaving 'MacGyver'

LOS ANGELES – George Eads, who stars alongside series lead Lucas Till, is leaving CBS’s “MacGyver” after two and a half seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Eads, who portrays MacGyver’s sidekick Jack Dalton, is reportedly leaving the show. The action comes after the actor stormed off the set following an unspecified altercation and subsequent comments from the actor that he wished to part ways with the show.

If he leaves, it would be the second time the actor has left a show due to some kind of conflict. Eads had played Nick Stokes on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” for 15 seasons before leaving the show after Season 15 following an on-set confrontation with one of the show’s writers. He would later return to the show, but not participate in its two-hour finale.

Neither CBS nor Eads would comment.

“MacGyver” is the 2016 CBS reboot of the famed ABC show which tells the story of young Angus "Mac" MacGyver who works for a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.

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