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Designer Maria Olmos Launches Clothing Line

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – A new fashion line with an eye toward sustainability is coming from acclaimed fashion designer Maria Olmos, featuring stylish designs from high-quality fabrics derived from sources that are eco friendly.

The Spanish fashionista is sharing her passion for the environment and all things natural with Rakhan, her new fashion line which features a variety of stylish pants, tops dresses, jackets and other items which are made with fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. With colors ranging from black, brown and other dark hues, Olmos’ Rakhan line features knee and ankle-length dresses that touch on styles of a bygone era, but with a modern twist that offer bold stylings like mesh overlays, cropped cuts to accentuate the midriff and knit patterns that provide a bold accent to the garment.

“I am excited to present this new fashion line that gives women a new alternative to today’s clothing with garments that are stylish and are made from resources that are sustainably grown and support our environment,” Olmos said.

The line, is available exclusively on, follows her popular Pretty Ugly line of colorful skirts, tops and dresses that struck a chord with consumers. The new line will be available at select fashion outlets next year.

“It’s my goal to provide a unique style and vision to women’s fashion that is eclectic, contemporary and uniquely complimentary to the user,” she said.

A native of Madrid, Olmos is known for her unique style and fashion sense that blends practicality with style recalls fashions from eras gone by. Having grown up with a passion for music and fashion led her to learn guitar and explore her musical talents in school, all the while learning how to design and make her own fashions under the tutelage of her talented grandmother. Despite attending a conservatory for music and her own avowed talent for creating unique compositions, the young artist decided to make creating fashion her destiny.

After graduating from ESNE, a fashion and design university in Spain, Olmos moved to the United States where she began working for other fashion houses before ultimately starting her own label and launching her own clothing line.

Today, the talented designer is also launching her own jewelry line featuring a variety of pendants, rings, bracelets and more, all hand-made and created from her own vision of what today’s woman enjoys.

As she continues to work on her clothing line and new designs, her jewelry line is set to make its debut next year, featuring high-end styles as well as more affordable items geared for a younger audience.

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