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Deepthi Madhavan Explores the Impact of Rape in 'Third Time Lucky'

LOS ANGELES – Film producer Deepthi Madhavan ("Upside to the End of the World") takes on the true-life story of the impact of violence against women in "Third Time Lucky," set for release later this year.

Known for her work on indie films that stressed characterization and real human emotions over special effects or action-driven dramas, the India native explores the impact of a woman's rape on those around her. The indie film, which is now casting, takes viewers into an emotional story of violence, redemption and justice.

“It’s what attracted me to ‘Third Time Lucky.’ It is based on a true life story. I read the script and was so attracted to it that I had to say yes,” she said. “The best part about the project is that it’s very relatable to many, many people and it’s a true story. It was an amazing experience. I met some lovely people as a result.”

“Third Time Lucky” tells the story of man who as a child saw two women get raped, but was unable to do anything about it, but when facing the same situation as an adult his actions will now define him forever. Even as she wraps production on the film, Madhavan is already excited about her other project, the sci-fi thriller “Upside to the End of the World,” which was recently completed. The film tells the story of people’s fears of the unknown as they meet otherworldly aliens trying to make contact.

“It’s a very exciting script with lots of unexpected turns and great characters,” she said. “Fans will have a lot of fun watching this movie and getting scared.”

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