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Steadicam Guru Jun Li Joins the Biblical Drama 'His Only Son'

LOS ANGELES – Steadicam Guru Jun Li has joined the production of the upcoming biblical drama “His Only Son,” from veteran writer/director David Helling (“The Fall of Man.”)

“I am pleased to work with David and help share his vision for this engaging biblical story,” said Li. “I’ve worked on some films that’s in this type and style. I believe I’ll be confident to help them accomplish what they want. I always utilize my creativity once I know what vision they have, no matter what type of film it is. So, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a fun and creative process.”

Written and directed by Helling, “His Only Son” follows the Old Testament story of Abraham who, after being called on by the Lord, finds his faith is tested on his three-day journey to sacrifice his son. The film, which is now in pre production, is set for release sometime next year.

“Feature films require a camera operator with a lot more involvement, better preparation and stronger commitment than a short-term job because you could be involved in the production in a very early stage,” Li said. “First, it’s a physical challenge to work on set on a regular base, so that you’ll need to adjust and prepare your body for a better daily routine. Second, it requires a stronger commitment when it comes down to a two-month project. Moreover, making sure of the gear is ready to serve for the production is very important. Running through everything I have, always having a backup plan and servicing my gear to make sure it’s in good condition is vital for me to do. I’ll also participate in camera test and prep to guarantee there’d be no problem on set.”

Renowned for his work on the Steadicam, Li understands the uniqueness of the technology behind it, allowing for seamless shots while moving and greater versatility for filmmakers.

Li comes to the film following his work on the upcoming film comedy “Good Friend from the West” from director Shuaiyu ‘Lance’ Liu (“Underground”) and after having previously completed work on the television series “Seven Days.” His past work includes such films as “Way Out,” “All That Glitters,” “Abandon,” “Dog Tag,” “No Deer for Dinner,” “Patrick,” “Son of the Wanderer,” and many others.

“His Only Son” is produced by Mike Kaney II (“Bar America”) and Roman Medjanov (“Break”) for RockBridge Productions.

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