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Pedro Flores Joins Film Thriller 'The Truth'

LOS ANGELES – Actor Pedro Flores ("Deadly Care") has joined the upcoming action thriller “The Truth,” from acclaimed director Fahad Olayan (“And Then There Were None”).

Flores will play Mubarak, an army veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, opposite Olayan, who is also the film’s lead.

“I really liked the complexity of the character Mubarak. It was very challenging because my character was suffering of PTSD which is a serious issue and I wanted to make sure I was representing this specific group the best way possible,” Flores said. “I’m really happy I played this character. It completely changed my perspective towards this issue and towards the people who go through it. It really made me more compassionate, I feel like it made me more human.”

Written by Nicolas Jung and Olayan, "The Truth," tells the story of a terrorist group that kidnaps a doctor's family and forces him to bomb an airport. It stars Dave Belvederi (“Bloody Eyes”), Vanessa Dimitrova (“Undercover”), Yifan Luo (“Escape Plan 2: Hades”), Justin Olivera (“One Star Rider,”) and Tyler Williams (“Paul”). “The Truth,” is set for release later this year.

Flores said he prepared for the role by reading a number of articles on PTSD as well as watched videos on how the disease impacts a person, what triggers sudden flashbacks as well as other issues that impacts sufferers. The film is in keeping with Flores’ efforts to expand his work into meaningful roles in various genres.

“I still see myself as a working actor, I still like to accomplish more goals and be involve in stories that move and inspire people as an actor,” he said. “I like how much I learn from every character I play, they always end up reshaping who I am and therefore creating a new version of myself, every project it’s a whole learning experience.”

“The Truth” is executive produced Fahad Olayan, produced by Jainardhan Sathyan for Olayan Motion Pictures with cinematography by Bradford Hamilton and editing by Abdelrahman Aladaileh and Samaphone Liam.

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