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Filmmaker Liv Li Joins 'Another Year'

LOS ANGELES – Film producer Liv Li (“Way Out”) has joined the production team of the upcoming drama series “Another Year.”

The series, from executive producer Wenji Teng (“Rhapsody of Spring”), tells the unique stories of four first-generation immigrants who come to the U.S. and must face numerous challenges and personal difficulties to remain in this country.

“I’m pleased to be a part of an engaging new series that is heartfelt and very topical, dealing with issues that touches all of us in one way or another,” Li said. “Working on this series is quite different from other productions I was on. This is a Chinese/American team where all key department heads were flown in from China directly, while all other crews were hired local in LA.”

“Another Year,” takes viewers into the lives of unique characters as they explore the challenges of being an immigrant in the United States. Viewers will also travel to unique locations in California, Nevada and Utah, as well as the Grand Canyon, and the Monument Valley where they will soak in its panoramic views.

Li comes to the series following her work in the upcoming film drama “As Ye Sow,” directed by Seraph Liu (“Song of the Wanderer”), starring stars Kathryn Howell, (“Chrystal”), newcomer Heather Gold and Ted Harvey (“Heat”).

Li's work includes such films as “Dog Tag,” “Esperanza,” “All That Glitters,” “Good Friend from the West,” and many others, including the upcoming films “Not for Comedy,” and “Carma,” set for release later this year.

“Another Year” is produced by Nuerailli Maimaitimusha and Zhanying Li for Hairun Media.

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