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Fashion Designer Viktoriia Vlasenko Presents Anti-War Message in her New Film 'No War'

Fashion designer Viktoriia Vlasenko, above, wrote and produced the new film "No War," which blends fashion with an anti-war message. The film stars Fosca Ferraro and Lauren Garner (Publicity photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Acclaimed fashion designer Viktoriia Vlasenko blends fashion with an anti-war message in the new film “No War,” starring Fosca Ferraro and Lauren Garner. The film is a part of a wider effort that includes an accompanying book and fashion line that aims to show women as strong, assertive and able to overcome challenges they face.

“I believe fashion has always been a political tool reflecting the state of affairs and the social advancement of a country or a continent,” said Vlasenko who wrote and produced the film based upon the events in her native Ukraine. “With this film we show that fashion is not just about dressing people. With this fall-winter collection, I wanted to create a new style for women, showing that a woman can be strong and aggressive, that she can defend”

“No War,” directed by Nicole Piccione, tells the story of how the war in the Ukraine impacts women and how they deal with its many aspects. The film features Vlasenko’s unique designs that include a variety of materials and colors with a military theme. The film is now streaming on Amazon.

The movie received a golden trophy for Best Costumes at the Oniros Film Awards, an award for Best Short Film at the Queen Palm International Film Festival, as well as was an official selection at the WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Winter Shorts Film Festival, and the International Ocean Film Festival.

The film comes with an accompanying 200-page book titled “No War,” featuring an assortment of Vlasenko’s fashions that echo the movie’s anti-war theme. The book begins with a step-by-step description of the Ukrainian crisis, documentary photographs, and photos of models wearing military makeup which was skillfully done by the designer herself.

The collection-inspired book which has sold more than 100,000 copies can be found in libraries throughout Ukraine today and is also included in the fashion design course curriculum for colleges, while Vlasenko herself has given a number of master classes to young Ukrainian fashion designers.

Besides the book and film, Vlasenko has also released her new fashion collection based upon the “No War” film and book. She presented her fashion collection during a fashion show that also featured a collection of dolls wearing similar outfits. The models were holding the dolls as they walked the runway which had an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Considered an outstanding talent in the industry for her imaginative designs and use of unique fabrics and materials, Vlasenko is recognized for her unique Terrasse clothing line and her stylish Terrasse stores that feature her high-end apparel and accessories.

Besides her work in haute couture, Vlasenko is a renowned costume and fashion designer as well as a make up artist on films and television and on the stage. Her recent work includes such films as the upcoming “Loss of Grace,” and “Malfunction,” as well as “Sheela” (2018), “Betrayed” (2018), “Let Me Go Again,” (2017), “Terrasse White” (2017) and “Mr. Heart” (2016) among others.

Among her many awards are several for Best Costume Design at the Five Continents International Film, International Independent Film Festival, Summer Short Film Festival, Latitude Film Awards, Indie Short Film Festival and many others. She was also recognized at the Vogue Milan Fashion Show as well as for her work in make up at the Flicks Film Festival, the International Independent Film Festival and others.

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