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Akanksha Prabhune Brings 'Resolve' to the Big Screen

LOS ANGELES – A woman's tale of vengeance and redemption is the focus of "Resolve," from veteran producer Akanksha Prabhune now on the film festival circuit.

The film, which was directed Austin Dragovich (“Jurassic Prey”) and written by Nicole N. Nequinto (“A Good Shake”), tells the story of a woman seeking to avenge her immigrant mother’s death at the hands of someone who takes advantage of her while she’s in a helpless position. It stars Esther Mira (“Inn Communication”), Poonam Basu (“Ugly Dolls”) and Heather Ludwig (“AFK: Heroes of Prophecy”).

“We had some great performances in this movie, which featured some very talented actors,” Prabhune said. “I was very pleased with all the work that went into it from in front of and behind the camera.”

Prabhune is known for her work on films such as “Going Out,” “Car Pool,” “Memory: Time Traveling in Bits and Pieces,” “Right,” and others, as well as television shows as "Howie Mandel's Animals Doing Things,” “Crime Cleaners,” “Seize & Deliver” and others.

Native of India who grew up in Mumbai near the heart of Bollywood, Prabhune had a fascination for films, but chose to study computer science instead. But after earning a bachelor’s degree, she knew she had to give Hollywood a shot and quickly found herself in Los Angeles, immersed in the film industry while earning a Masters in Fine Arts in Television, Film and Theatre at Cal State University, Los Angeles.

After earning experience on a variety of film projects, Prabhune began producing films and taking on projects that tapped her skills, vision and unique creativity.

“I love movies that tell a story which influences people or where the audience can take something away from it. A project that has an impact on the audience,” she said. “If it's a comedy, it could be just making someone get through a rough day. It’s all about the script. If the script is good, I am on board.”

Prabhune is serving as associate producer on “A Wedding and a Murder,” a true-crime series which is now in its second season on Oxygen, while also busy developing two films for possible production next year.

“I am very excited about the future and the possibilities it has in store,” she said.

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