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JC Tremblay Joins New Comedy Web Series 'The Professionals'

LOS ANGELES – JC Tremblay (“Tempting Fate”) has joined the new comedy Web series “The Professionals” now streaming on YouTube and other platforms. He will play the leading role of Dave, the leader of a small gang of criminals.

“I’ve always wanted to do comedy but I don't consider myself funny so I thought playing Dave could be interesting because he’s not funny. His actions are,” he said. “He thinks he’s super smart, but he actually is not!”

The series features, Dave a young ruffian who leads a bumbling group of criminals who have big plans, but always seem to foul them up. The cast includes Kenneth Hodges (“Insecure”), Cham (“Bounty Killer”) and newcomer Dave Panzer as members of the band of misfits.

"The Professionals" will begin its second season later this fall with actor/director Rory Kramer who is known for his work directing Justin Bieber’s music videos, joining the cast. Another addition will be Jessica Serfaty of the upcoming feature films “Roe v. Wade,” “Shill” and others.

“They both play undercover cops that will help the crew. I don’t want to reveal everything so I won't say how they will help them!” Tremblay said.

The actor is also set to star in the upcoming feature film comedy “Good Intentions,” from writer/director Darryl Quarles (Big Momma’s House”). The film is currently casting and is set to begin production in February 2020.

“I really wish I could say more about the project but I have pledged to not comment on it since its still being cast and it’s still being put together,” Tremblay said. “But I’m excited about it and it’s in keeping with my efforts to play complex characters that have a lot of different dimensions to them and are ultimately a true challenge to portray.”

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