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Anastasia Charakidou Set to Release Much-Awaited Debut Album

LOS ANGELES – Pop singer Anastasia Charakidou is preparing to release her much-awaited debut album, after a string of hit songs that have helped her build her career.

The album, called “Independently Me,” explores the talented singer’s musical roots with a collection of eclectic songs that feature covers of popular songs as well as original music that were inspired by her personal experiences.

“Independently Me” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and elsewhere in February.

“This Album is a part of my soul and my feelings after I put so much of my heart into it” she said. “It’s nice collection of songs that deal with real emotions and the value of relationships that help you grow and expand your horizons in a positive way.”

“Independently Me” features the title track which is her newest single, a melodic ballad that reveals the pitfalls of toxic relationships and one’s ability to overcome them. The album also features “Surface,” another ballad about those that hang on to relationships that on the surface seem positive, but in fact are just the opposite.

Another highlight on the album is the melodic “Move On,” an electro pop song that echoes dance music inspired by the Greek Islands.

As for the future, Charakidou has big plans with another album and a return to her native Greece for tour dates and recording new music.

“I plan to perform live in support of my single and album. I will be performing in Los Angeles and I am also planning a tour for summer 2020 with other artists and musicians,” she said. “After the New Year, performing live in Boston, San Francisco and New York are scheduled so far. I hope I'll have the chance to perform live to more places after my release because I love being in touch with people who support me through all of this.”

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