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'Ice: The Movie' is Now Streaming on Amazon

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Veteran producer Jainardhan Sathyan takes on the politics and drama of figure skating in Maddness Pictures’ new film "Ice The Movie," now streaming on Amazon.

"The movie is an exciting sports drama and an amazing story of a figure skater written and executive produced by Maddison Bullock,” Sathyan said.

The picture involved many big stadium scenes that required hundreds of tricky visual effects to help tell a tale of the world of competitive figure skating.

“I knew that realizing my final vision for Ice The Movie would require the very best in the field so when we completed filming and Jai was recommended to me as a post-producer I was eager to hire him,” Bullock said. “His professionalism, work ethic, and ability to inspire good cheer in all he worked with proved to be instrumental to the ultimate success of the picture.”

The film, directed by Peter Paul Basler, is written by producer, actress and figure skater Maddison Bullock, who portrays the lead character, Bailey Grantham.

The movie tells the story of single father Nick Grantham (Patrick O'Brien Demsey) who is approached by a famed Russian figure skating coach (Michael Monks) with the opportunity to train his only daughter Bailey (Bullock) alongside skating prodigy Peyton Shaw (Lisa Mihelich) for a shot at figure skating's ultimate prize.

The film is the newest for Sathyan whose work includes such films as "The Matchmaker's Playbook," "The Trouble with Mistletoe," "God's Club" and many others.

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