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Peacock Comedy Starring Craig Robinson is Reportedly in the Works

LOS ANGELES – Craig Robinson is reportedly teaming up with with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" executive producers Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici on a proposed comedy for NBC's Peacock, titled "Killing It."

Robinson had worked with Goor and Del Tredici in his recurring role as Doug Judy on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Goor is also former executive producer and writer of comedy NBC's "Parks and Recreation" and "The Office," the latter of had also featured Robinson as a side character.

With a number of comedy alums on board, "Killing It" only has a vague premise at this stage, The Hollywood Reporter noted. The comedy will focus on Robinson's character and his efforts to find the American Dream while dealing with the realities of class, capitalism, class, and more. Universal Television branch of NBCUniversal, where Goor has an existing deal will oversee the project. Robinson and his manager, 3 Arts' Mark Schulman, will serve as executive producers of the show. The two had previously collaborated on the ill-fated comedies "Ghosted" and "Mr. Robinson."

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