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Sound Guru Hemang Prajapati Joins Dwayne Barnes' 'Social Conflict'

LOS ANGELES – Veteran soundman Hemang Prajapati (“Among the Shadows”) has joined director Dwayne Barnes' the upcoming film drama “Social Conflict.”

“I am very pleased to be a part of this exciting project,” Prajapati said. “This film tackles issues such as mental health, sexuality, poverty, education, gun violence and abuse of power. It has a social message which grabbed my interest from the beginning.”

The new film follows the story of a decaying inner city Detroit school that is rocked by a shooting that opens up a Pandora's box to reveal a den of iniquity that rocks the community to its core. The film is executive produced by Nicci Gilbert-Daniels (“Broken Things”) and co-produced by Sareta Cheathem (“Code of Thieves”) and Jezar Riches (“Halt: The Motion Picture”).

“Working on this film has been very rewarding and great fun. The director and producer were very open to suggestions and creative ideas,” Prajapati said. “The film had little bit of dark tone, but at the same time it was uplifting. I had a creative idea regarding this film where I suggested them that we would use dark and eerie sounds to enhance the emotion and mood for certain scenes and blend it with brighter sounds and it worked out great.”

With a background that includes work with a number of musical groups and recording artists, the veteran sound editor and music producer understands the importance that sound has to convey the emotional connection between a film and its audience.

The industry veteran had previously worked on “Mino: A Diasphoric Myth,” a fantasy drama from writer/director Ashunda Norris (“12 Weeks”) after working on the thriller “Wayward Nature.”

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