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Alicia G Releases Music Video for 'You're My Favorite Holiday'

LOS ANGELES – Alicia G has released the music video for her new single “You’re My Favorite Holiday.” The video is now available on YouTube here.

“I am very excited to release this new video and share my love for the holidays,” Alicia said. “The song is dedicated to my lovely and inspirational grandmother who loved this time of year so much, so I wanted to show what makes the holidays so special.”

The video opens with an aerial shot of a snow-covered house near the woods, before focusing on Alicia as she admires the ornaments of a tall Christmas tree in the living room while she gently sings the bluesy ballad in a voice reminiscent of Peggy Lee, but with the heartfelt passion of Billie Eilish.

The song is now available on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud. To listen to the single, click here.

Produced by veteran Backstreet Boys producer Andrew Lane, the song plays as Alicia explores her devotion for the holidays in the video with the traditional imagery of holiday decorations, pretty gift-wrapped presents and a warm fire in the chimney as a catchy riff from a soulful saxophone plays over the piano-driven melody.

“I had a lot of fun shooting the video – even going outside in 30-degree weather – to show the fresh blanket of snow that had fallen,” she said. “We wanted to shoot in a life-size gingerbread house, but nobody had a key so I just broke in and we started shooting – but no laws were broken. It was really fun though! So I hope everyone enjoys the video and celebrates all the good things the holidays bring!”

Coming to fame as a teenage beauty queen when she first appeared in the ABC reality series “Wife Swap” in 2008, where Alicia G was asked to portray a bratty teenager from a home where a Christmas tree was kept year round. But in the backlash from her portrayal, she suffered incessant hate mail and abuse on social. Despite the suffering, Alicia G persevered and went on to embark on a career in the music industry where despite occasional online hate, she has won over fans with such hits as “Talk to the Hand,” “Pretty Girl,” “Ca$h & Nap” and others in recent years.

Meanwhile, Alicia continues to build on her brand after joining the live streaming app Bigo Live last year, where she broadcasts a daily music show that soon grew her audience to more than 3.01 million fans who tune in nightly. To watch Alicia G on Bigo Live, download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play or click here.

For more on Alicia G, visit or follow her on Instagram at or on Twitter at


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