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Autopsy Results on Bob Saget Show he Died as the Result of Multiple Head Fractures

LOS ANGELES – Bob Saget tragically passed away at the age of 65 in a Florida hotel room two months ago, but now we finally have a clearer picture as to how exactly he died, according to autopsy results.

The actor’s death was ruled an accident resulting from blunt force head trauma. Investigators say he likely experienced an “unwitnessed fall backwards” in his hotel room and then, perhaps as he was confused due to the blow to the head or simply unaware of how severely he had injured himself, he went to bed and died in his sleep.

The comedian suffered multiple skull fractures and bleeding in the brain. Saget’s injuries included “posterior scalp abrasions, subgaleal hemorrhage (when blood that forms between the skull and scalp), discoloration in the upper and lower eyelids due to skull fracture, subdural hematoma (buildup of blood on the surface of the brain), and subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the area surrounding the brain).”

The injuries seemed much more serious than those that could've been sustained by slipping on the bathroom floor, for instance, some doctors have said.

“That takes a lot of force to do that,” CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the network on Friday. “When I first saw this, if I knew nothing else about what had happened, you would think this was maybe someone who had fallen down the stairs and had several impacts to the head or been unrestrained in a car accident.”

Doctors recommend that If you fall and hit your head, it’s vital that you seek medical treatment immediately. It’s always a good idea to get checked out after a head injury, but doctors recommend going to the ER as soon as possible if you experience blurred vision, a severe headache, nausea or vomiting, or stroke-like symptoms after a blow to the head.


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