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Ellie Patrikios Joins Sci-Fi Film Thriller 'Sentinel'

March 10, 2023

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – British actress Ellie Patrikios (“Snowfall”) has joined the cast of the upcoming science fiction thriller “Sentinel,” from veteran director Stefano Milla (“Richard the Lionheart”).

“I’ve always been a fan of Science fiction and dystopian topics in film and literature, so working on a film of this genre was an absolute blast for me, a pure outlet to let my imagination run wild and free!” she said. “I was attracted to this film’s storyline which opens up to humans in refugee on a secret base on the Moon after almost all of humankind was extinguished from an alien invasion.”

Directed by Milla,“Sentinel” tells the story of a group of people who escape an alien invasion that overran the Earth by taking refuge on a secret base on the Moon where they decide to travel back in time to save the Earth’s last survivors only to run into an evil Sentinel that is waiting for them.

“The best part of working on this film was getting to explore a new type of character,” said Patrikios who plays Robyn, one of the group’s leaders. “Robyn is a badass lead, she is wild and free, however when push comes to shove, her vulnerability shines through. It was incredible to play a character that had never set foot on Earth, as Robyn was the one character that was born on the Moon. So being able to imagine Earth as this brand-new world was very special for me.”

The cast includes Jason R. Moore (“The Punisher”), Denitza Diakovska (“Compulsion”), Neil Cole (“Dark Ditties Presents ‘Dad’”) and newcomer John Stewart Arnold.

Besides “Sentinel,” Patrikios is also set to star in “Soul Eater,” an upcoming thriller which is also directed by Milla. The film is based upon Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso “The Soul Eater”, (1835-1909) who devised the now-outmoded theory that criminality is determined by physiological traits.

Patrikios’ other recent work includes a guest starring role in the FX series "Snowfall," working alongside Damson Idris (“Outside the Wire”) and Amin Joseph (“To Live and Let Live”). She also appeared in Universal Pictures’ "Santa Stole Our Dog: Merry Doggone Christmas” and “Body of Sin,” a film from Olson Brothers and Premiere Entertainment Group.

“Sentinel” is produced by Enrico De Palo (“Kingsman: The Secret Service”), Scott Engrotti (“Scorpion”) and Graziano Molteni (“Ms Rossi”) for American Widescreen Pictures.


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