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Filmmaker Kashyap Bhadani Teams with Pop Music Artist Dilji Dosanjh for New Music Video

Nov. 25, 2023

LOS ANGELES – Filmmaker Kashyap Bhadani is teaming with pop artist Dilji Dosanjh for the music video for his newest single, “Case.”

“I really enjoyed working with Diljit on the video for his engaging new song,” Bhadani said. “The theme for ‘Case’ had strong Indian cultural references to bring back traditional Indian tunes and mix them up with pop music so we had some references from ASAP Rocky’s song ‘Riot.’ But ‘Case’s storyline focuses on an artist’s struggles with how certain alleged cases on him don’t affect his honesty and his passion towards music.”

Shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif., the video featured more than 100 dancers performing variations of dances in unique and colorful costumes that show the artist’s varied cultural influences. The video was the first Indian music video to be shot at the legendary studio.

Having worked with Dosanjh on his previous music videos for his tracks “Lover,” which was a huge success having 116 million-plus views on YouTube, Bhadani understands the musician’s sensibilities and finds the collaboration especially gratifying.

“Music videos are very fun to shoot as you can experiment a lot when it comes to visuals selecting your shots and especially when the artist, like Diljit, wants to send out a message through the song,” Bhadani said. “So, to narrate a message or storyline in two minutes is extremely challenging so I try my best to bring in visual that are appealing as well as helps the storyline of the song.”

Long recognized as one of India’s biggest music artists Dosanjh is known for his best-selling music beginning with his debut album “Smile” in 2005. It was followed by the well-received second album “Chocolate” (2008) then by his third LP “The Next Level” (2009) and many other hit albums and singles over the years, earning him a slew of music awards and a number of roles in films and television productions in his native India.

Having worked on Dosanjh’s the music video for “Case,” which received over 25 million views in just a few weeks and the single debuting at the Top 10 on Canada's Billboard chart, Bhadani is looking forward to more collaborations with the acclaimed music artist.

“Shooting a music video is way more fast-paced than shooting a scene for film or television which take a much slower process,” he said. “In music videos are fast, flashy and more time-sensitive as you need to cover everything from story to artist’s performance to choreography and more. It’s very demanding and exciting at the same time.”

Besides his music efforts, the filmmaker is also known for his work on such films as “The Role-Play of Life,” by writer/director Pietro Barba, and television episodes for Dharmann in collaboration with King Bach as well.

Bhadani’s next project is the upcoming romantic drama “Christmas Angel,” from director LazRael Lison (“Never and Again”), starring Skyh Black and DailLeigh (“Prince: Breakfast Can Wait”) and the Dharmann x Oliver Tree the musician known for the songs “Miss You” and “Lie Goes on.” The episode, recently released on YouTube, has had more than 4 million views in just one day.

For more information, follow Bhadani on IMDB.


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