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Former Kitsune Drummer Sebastian Konnackel Joins The David Orien Band

Oct. 3, 2023

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Former Kitsune drummer Sebastian Konnackel has joined The David Orien Band.

“I’m excited to join David and his amazing group of musicians,” Konnackel said. “From the beginning, I felt a real connection to David and the rest of the guys who have shown me a true welcoming experience.”

The veteran musician comes to the band after a two-year stint with the alternative rock group Kitsune, where he played on their hit singles “Grief II,” “Blackpill,” and others. He had previously performed with such bands as Saint Ee Ha, Scofield and Disruptant before joining The David Orien Band. The India native’s arrival comes as he is set to perform on the band’s upcoming single “Friday,” written by band namesake and lead singer, David Orien.

“This song is hands down one of the most unique songs that I’ve ever worked on. It’s filled with provocative lyrics that force the listener to confront any existential crisis within themselves,” Konnackel said. “As such, the biggest challenge to writing drums for it was to match the overall morose feel of the song and to match all the abrupt changes of the song’s structure. The song keeps switching between groovy, anthemic verses and explosive high-octane choruses constantly and I had to come up with parts that encapsulate the energy behind each section.”

David Orien Band frontman David Orien said Konnackel brings a lot of energy to the band which is known for blending a variety of genres, from punk and new wave to alternative rock and metal.

“I’m thrilled to have someone on drums as accomplished as Sebastian to keep the beat and bring his own creativity to the band,” Orien said. “I’m especially thankful to have someone who is talented and is also on the same page with us when it comes to the music.”

Konnackel is set to perform with the band at L.A.’s Molly Malone’s on Oct. 7 and at the Viper Room in Hollywood where the band will debut the new single before a live audience.


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