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Georgina Okon Headlines Film Thriller 'Fugitive Zero'

Oct. 4, 2021

LOS ANGELES – Georgina Okon headlines the upcoming futuristic thriller “Fugitive Zero,” from director/writer Joe Lam (“Our Story”).

In the film, the British actress portrays Victoria Dawson, a mother who grieves the tragic loss of her son. “Fugitive Zero” follows the story of an escaped convict who discovers he's taking part in a live simulation where every moral decision determines his eligibility for parole.

“My biggest challenge was not to get lost or swallowed by this character, grieving the loss her son, but find her fight, her reason for living, her fight to choose to live,” she said. “I knew this would be something special when Joe gave actors the option of changing the dialogue for the audition, so it was a collaboration right from the start.”

Lam wrote and directed the film which also stars Patrick Zeller (“Just One More Kiss”), Bobby C. King (“Card Counter”), Matthew Gilmore (“Medical Police”), Corey Brill (“The Normal Heart”) and Jessica DiGiovanni (“Forever”).

“I like roles that deal with real issues and actually speak to them in a way that can effect change, make an impact. I felt the ‘Fugitive Zero’ was definitely that kind of project,” Okon said.

Already, the film has earned a number of awards – seven awards for Okon alone. Among these were Best Supporting Actress for Okon at the Vegas Movie Awards, as well as Best Actor for Okon and Best Writing for Lam at Japan’s Top Indie Films Awards, along with Best Thriller at the New York Movie Awards, among others.

Okon's past work includes the feature film “The Message,” from writer/director Timothy Armstrong (“Dakota’s Summer”), the 2018 Marvel Studios blockbuster “Black Panther,” and others. She is also joining the cast of the upcoming film “A Grieving Man” in addition to a recurring role in “Mortel,” which airs on Netflix.


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