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German Composer Sani Baladi Makes his Mark in Upcoming 'Four Mothers' Series

April 7, 2023

LOS ANGELES, Calif.– When Sani Baladi was growing up in Hamburg, Germany, he dreamed of coming to Hollywood and becoming a pop singer. Today, Baladi is making his mark in Tinseltown, this time as a composer for the upcoming television series “Four Mothers.”

The composer, who is known for last year’s horror/thriller “Give Me An A,” starring Alyssa Milano and Virginia Madsen, is setting the musical tone for the new drama series from Creator/Executive Producer Thereza Hirsch.

“I’m very excited about working with Thereza Hirsch,” he said. “She was the first director I've worked with and we've been working together up to this day and have many more projects planned. She is incredibly gifted and it's always so much fun to work with her.”

The series, currently being marketed to various networks, follows the story of Alice, who returns home after a near fatal accident to rebuild her life and discovers a cult known as The Four Mothers has sprung up in her hometown. The cast includes Trent Garrett (“Andi Mack”), Roy McCrerey (“Carnival Row”), Kevin Michael Clarke (“The Devil Conspiracy”), Lucie Vondrackova (“Last Holiday”) and Lucia Edwards (“The Transporter”).

Having arrived on the show from the film “Give Me an A,” the recently-released “Stranger in the Closet,” “Your Move, My Lady,” and other films, the Hamburg native is gaining much attention from his work that has been featured many films in recent years. His work on the new series show Baladi’s unique style that accentuates electronic and synthesizer sounds to set the mood of the show which features action, drama and psychological tension.

It was just a few years ago that Baladi arrived from Germany where he grew up with a passion for music and the performing arts. At the age of 6 he started singing in a church choir and going on to play his first show onstage, singing The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.”

“I grew up in a family that was in the film industry so from very early on I learned a lot about film and had a great love for both, film and music,” he said. “My first musical experiences were classical and later pop so I combined those two and then found a way to connect my two passions, film and music and become a film composer after listening to various film scores by Hans Zimmer.”

He would go on to study music at Point Blank Music School in London, then move on to study at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where he further honed his talents.

“Being a musician all my life and having a great love and understanding of film, I decided to become a film composer and combine my two passions,” he said.

As his success grew, Baladi would go on to expand his musical interests with the release of his debut single “2 Glasses,” in 2020, generating more than 120,000 streams on Spotify alone, leading to television interviews and much radio air play. He followed that up with “Oversized Sweater,” in 2021 which earned regular rotation on NDR2, a popular German radio channel, and on MTV Germany.

Today, Baladi is recording more new music as well developing plans for a music tour in between his film work.

For more information, follow Baladi on IMDB, Instagram and Spotify.


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