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John Cena to Star in Looney Tunes Animated Film 'Coyote vs. Acme'

LOS ANGELES – John Cena is set to star in the upcoming WB’s Looney Tunes animated feature Coyote vs. Acme.

Veteran director Dave Green is set to direct from a screenplay by Samy Burch, based on the Looney Tunes characters and the New Yorker magazine article “Coyote v. Acme” by Ian Frazier.

The film tells the story of Wile E. Coyote, who after ACME products continually fail him in his crazed pursuit of the Roadrunner, he decides to hire a billboard lawyer to sue the ACME Corporation. The new case pits the iconic coyote and his lawyer against his intimidating former boss (Cena), but the budding friendship between the two fuels their determination to win the case.

Chris DeFaria and James Gunn, who also created the Peacemaker series, under his Two Monkeys, A Goat and Another, Dead, Monkey production imprint, will produce the film. Coyote vs. Acme is set to arrive in theaters on July 21, 2023.


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