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Kevin Spacey Posts a Hopeful Christmas Message on YouTube

LOS ANGELES – Veteran actor Kevin Spacey has posted a video on YouTube with a Christmas message for his fans.

The video, titled “1-800 XMAS,” was a more somber than his past Christmas videos, offered compassion to people who may be struggling during the holidays.

“If you’re standing in a place that you can no longer remain standing, if you’re suffering, if you need need help, if you feel guilt or shame, if you’re struggling with your identity, if your back’s up against the wall, or if you feel that there is no path for you, whatever your situation, I promise you there is a path,” Spacey said. “At this time during this holiday and beyond, even if you don’t feel it, there are people out there who understand and who can help, because you are not alone.”

Spacey has been keeping a low profile on social media, other than his Christmas videos, since actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making sexual advances when Rapp was 14.


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