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Kitsune Set to Release its New Single 'Heavy'

Dec. 14, 2020

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Hard rockers Kitsune are preparing to release “Heavy,” the newest single for the band which has been working on its new album. The single will be available next month.

“We’re very excited about this new single and about getting back to playing music,” said Sebastian Konnackel, who co-wrote the song with his fellow band members. “The biggest challenge was perhaps working together remotely. But it did not take a long time to come up with the final version since we were all really happy with the initial version that Kurtis had written and only a few tweaks were added before we sent the song to be mixed.”

The song, which comes on the heels of the band’s previous single “Grief II,” deals with the devastating impact of depression and how one copes with it and its after effects. Like the earlier single, the band deals with an emotional issue that they hope to bring a greater awareness and understanding to depression.

Written as a collaboration between all band members, “Heavy” explores a variety of sounds that echo each band member’s passion for pop, hard rock, rhythm and blues, punk and jazz, featuring a melodic guitar sound and lead singer Kurtis “Kala” Lloyd’s intense vocals.

Formed in 2018, Kitsune’s newest single comes after a slew of hit singles such as “Blackpill,” “Grief” and “Dear Mom.” Made up of Lloyd on vocals, Mack Goth on bass, Cameron Parkinson on guitar and Konnackel on drums, the band is known for its unique blend of alternative and classic rock with a contemporary feel.

“This new single is the product of a great collaboration between all of us in the band during the pandemic. When any of us has an idea, we just record what we’ve got and send it on the groupchat,” Konnackel said. “From there, we discuss how to take it forward and add our own ideas of the song to it. I always write my parts based on the feel of the song. I add complicated or cool sounding parts where I feel it won’t take away from the feel of the song.”

Meanwhile, Kitsune is continuing to record their upcoming album while the band hopes to return to the stage once live shows are allowed by health authorities.


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