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Lifestyle: Expert to Release Book on Beautifying your Pool and Home Landscape

LOS ANGELES – Landscape architect Logan Guinard is offering homeowners tips on ways to improve their swimming pool and surrounding area in his upcoming book, “Beautifying Your Pool and Landscape.”

“In this book I want to help people reconsider the usefulness of the pool and help them make the right choice by offering useful tips and advice,” he said. “The idea is to offer different options to make your dream come true by combining aesthetics, functionality, size of the space and shape to be more ecological and with less maintenance, water noise and more. That's why today I vary my projects into as many different kinds as possible.”

The book, set to be published in December, will focus on creating a unique landscape and look for your pool area while not blowing your budget on expensive upgrades and costly features. From adding plants and foliage, along with trees and outdoor furniture, to light fixtures, awnings and floor tiles to accentuate your own unique style. To see excerpts from the book, please visit

“When it comes to improving your swimming pool, what is most necessary is to be patient. To anticipate and to be well informed on what you want to make so you don’t have a surprise in the future,” he said. “It is often necessary to be a minimalist because generally less is more, meaning areas will be more spacious, less cluttered and busy, making it more pretty and elegant.”

Besides offering design tips and other creative elements, the design expert also shares tips on finding the right building experts, materials and products at an affordable price.

Known for his stylish outdoor landscapes for homes and his innovative swimming pool designs, the French-born Guinard has been on the leading edge of outdoor architecture and exterior designs that blend style with practicality at the same time. His work with Palm Springs, Calif.-based Architectural Blue have included moving water areas which can have overflow or spillover elements that give the appearance that the pool and garden are alive with the constant flow of water.

Other designs have featured pools with compelling geometrical designs and unique shapes that demonstrate personal style and out-of-the-box thinking that enhance a home’s overall look and appeal.

Having grown up admiring the architecture and landscaping of Paris’ Palace of Versailles, Guinard was also particularly intrigued by its fountains and unique outdoor features which inspire many of his designs.

For more information, Guinard is at, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Architectural Blue is online at


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