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Nick McLoughlin Joins the New Sitcom 'Roomies'

Sept. 28, 2023

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Actor Nick McLoughlin has joined “Roomies,” a new situation comedy from producers Nevada Grey (“The Other Normal”) and Lisa Altman.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting project,” he said. “I play the quintessential seedy Aussie building manager who extorts his tenants for weed and beer. He's all gas no brakes, violently unapologetic and just generally a sleaze bag. but in a completely harmless way. straight out of the back alleys of L.A.’s Venice and Playa del Rey neighborhoods.”

The series tells the story of a betrayed mother who joins her son at college to start The cast includes Kylr Coffman (“Geo”), Edgar de Santiago (“Accidental Expat”) and Jonathan Tanigaki (“Money Heist: Korea”).

The Kiwi actor said he brought much of his own personal experience to bring his character to life. “Some people in my past remind me of this character, so it’s a fun role to play,” McLoughlin said. “I went to school in Nelson New Zealand we had our local 7-Eleven down the road and this Aussie guy about 40 years old would sit out the front and offer to buy us beer if we gave him cash. Now just to put it into a touch of perspective for you there was no alcohol inside and it was also while we were at school. Just an entirely poorly thought out approach for probably the easiest hustle to make money.”

Having worked on a number of dramas in the past, McLoughlin admitted he enjoys the whimsy of comedic roles.

“Comedy comes to me in a way that I don't have to think quite as much. it's integrated in my bones,” he said. “I think it's a cultural thing being from New Zealand where everything ticks along at the same pace and the world really doesn't seem that big and bad it lends itself to a jovial approach to life.”

“The strike is something as horrible as it is feels but I'm glad I'm able to be apart of,” he McLoughlin said. “The changes that hopefully we will be able to achieved through collective solidarity will impact that next generation of Kiwi actor who moves out and makes a living here in L.A. and any way I can influence that in a positive way is really meaningful for me.”

Up next for McLoughlin is a starring role in “The First Mindhunter,” on Apple TV. This captivating true-crime series centers on the life's work of Dr. Al Carlisle, a clinical psychologist who personally evaluated such notorious killers as Ted Bundy, Arthur Gary Bishop, the Hi-Fi Killers and Manny Cortez.


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