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Teenage Singer Releases New Single, 'Eye for an Eye'

LOS ANGELES – AP Tobler, 15 year-old singer/songwriter has released her new single “Eye for an Eye”, from her upcoming debut EP Alternate Vision. The young artist continues to demonstrate wisdom beyond her years and taste from before her time with raw lyrics rooted in grunge and alternative rock.

In “Eye For An Eye,” AP narrates the experience of realizing that she’s in a toxic friendship, and uses the song as a way of releasing the negative emotions after ending things with her best friend. With big grungy guitars, heavy drums, and an intense vocal performance, AP is able to channel the pain and anger behind the song to the listener as she twists the knife with raw lyrics like “playing the helpless victim is your favorite game.” The honesty is substantial and the pain and fury is palpable, delivering the song from the qualms of young adulthood to the truth that this is real pain that anybody can connect with.

“Eye For An Eye” is now available on all streaming platforms.


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