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The Rocha Collective Releases their New Single 'Spanky's'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Carlinhos Rocha explores his jazz and Brazilian roots in the new single “Spanky’s,” from his band the Rocha Collective, now available on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.

“This single was named after a venue where we used to perform and where we felt so much energy and positivity from the audience,” Rocha said. “I was very inspired by old Stevie Wonder records for this single, with catchy rhythms and the unique blend of sounds from a wide range of instruments.”

To listen to the single, click here.

The new single is an instrumental track that blends jazz and rhythm and blues with a bouncy rhythm that is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Motown and Steely Dan. With Rocha’s bluesy guitar as backdrop, “Spanky’s” is a modern take on the soulful jazzy R&B sounds of a time gone by that continues to echo today.

Produced by Rocha himself and featuring the work of saxophone player Mark Hartsuch, the song is a catchy precursor to Rocha Collective’s upcoming instrumental album arriving in Spring 2022.

“I love creating new music. I usually try to sing the melodies and work on finding what feels good and makes me dance. I never shoot for complexity,” he said. “If the melody feels good and is complex, that’s cool, but I just want people to have a good time, connect and enjoy the music I wrote.”

Born in Belem, Brazil, Rocha grew up in a musical family where most of his relatives were involved in recording or performing music. He took up the piano and guitar at an early age, soon performing live before growing audiences throughout Brazil. As he grew older, he began working with several top artists, but he later realized that his future lay in the U.S. where he could realize his full potential among the industry’s top artists.

His arrival five years ago found him struggling to get noticed by an industry in upheaval as musical tastes were changing and artists found success harder to find as a glut of independent artists filled the marketplace.

The veteran guitarist joined with other artists and created the Rocha Collective and began performing and recording his own unique songs that blended pop with jazz and rhythm and blues. The group was soon touring around the country and discovering a new audience eager for catchy melodies that evoked Rocha’s own Latin rhythms and his infectious charm.

The band’s growing popularity and Rocha’s eclectic guitar work was noticed by Ricky Martin’s management team which later asked him to join his tour earlier this year.

“Touring with Carlinhos was a pleasure,” said Paulo Stagnaro, percussionist for Ricky Martin’s band. “He was able to instinctively respect and complement each musical situation in a very demanding and diverse settings, all the while bringing his own flair and great vibes night in and night out.”

For Rocha, joining the Latin Superstar’s band proved his effort to pursue his musical vision would pay off.

“A good friend in the band recommended me,” Rocha said. “Having the opportunity to work on a legacy gig like that is amazing and the fact that he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met makes the experience better than already is. He is a high-class dude!”

After a tour that took him to Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, New York and elsewhere, Rocha was eager to return to his band which was also planning a tour. The band’s popularity recently earned them a coveted residency at Black Rabbit Rose club in Los Angeles.


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