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Ursula Maria Joins Cast of Tommy Davidson Pilot

March 4, 2022

LOS ANGELES – Austrian actress Ursula Maria, known for last year's film thriller "The Law of Destiny," has joined the cast of the comedy pilot “The Vernell Hill Show,” starring veteran comedian Tommy Davidson.

“Tommy is a comedic legend so I’m extremely excited to be a part of this project,” Maria said. “I love comedy and to work with an amazing comedic actor like Tommy makes this especially exciting.”

The show is based on a popular character of the same name that was created by Davidson which was featured on the 1990s Fox Martin Lawrence sitcom “Martin.”

“The Varnell Hill Show” stars Davidson who gained fame for his work hit sketch comedy series “In Living Color,” as well as such films as “Bamboozled,” “Booty Call,” “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,” and others. Other cast members include Shawne Merriman (“College Ball Movie”), Willie Gault (“S.W.A.T.”), Jennifer Leon (“Wolf Mountain”) and others.

Maria's role in the comedy is a departure for the former ballet dancer who is often cast in crime dramas and thrillers.

“I love to laugh and to find characters that are downright funny and fun to play,” she said. “But in general, I look for characters that will challenge me and that have a certain uniqueness, whether it’s a serious and dramatic character or a silly and nutty one as long as they are interesting.”

Maria is also set to appear in the upcoming film comedy “Make it Big,” from writer/director Steve Karageanes (“Needlestick”) as well as last year’s crime drama “Flinch” from director Cameron Van Hoy (“Tragedy Girls”). Her past film work includes the 2020 comedy “Sancho Claus,” “Accidental Muse,” (2017), “Broken Angels,” (2017); and others.


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