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Veteran Producer Jainardhan Sathyan to Produce 'Drop of Blood'

June 14, 2022

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Veteran producer Jainardhan Sathyan (“Vendetta”) is producing the new short film thriller “Drop of Blood.”

Written and directed by Peter Paul Basler (“Big Bad Bugs”), the film stars Omari Washington (“All American”), who plays a man with a loving wife and a seeming perfect life who then discovers how a single drop of blood will change his life forever.

“The most important part of making this film is getting the right team in front of and behind the camera,” Sathyan said. “We have a really amazing group of talented actors and crew who are definitely up for this challenge of delving into a world of anger, fear and deadly consequences that are difficult to imagine.”

The cast includes Mike Baez (“Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1”), newcomer Rieschel Nieboer and Emma Bruno (“Chubby Bunny”).

“Peter wrote a powerful story of how man’s life can turn on a dime and see everything he has go by the wayside and face his own mortality,” Sathyan said. “It’s a film that will make viewers wonder how they would act when they face that life-altering moment where everything is on the line.”

A veteran visual effects expert and producer, Sathyan aims to give the film a cinematic look with a blend of mood lighting and visual effects that highlight the psychological aspect of the protagonist’s actions.

“Drop of Blood” is slated to arrive on the film festival circuit this fall and join a series of long-form projects the veteran filmmaker is completing, including the animated feature “Princess Sita,” which was written by Paul Hamilton Magid (“The Guardian Monk,” who will direct. The film is currently in pre-production.

Sathyan comes to the film after working on the upcoming action thriller “Vendetta,” starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane. His other work includes “The Matchmaker’s Playbook,” “The Trouble with Mistletoe,” “God’s Club” and many others.


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