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Artist Spotlight: Film Producer Mil Alcain

LOS ANGELES – With a love for film and unique dramas Philippines-born film producer Mil Alcain has been making inroads in the film industry with a string of unique films that feature compelling characters and captivating stories. So when veteran filmmaker Dax Phelan (“The Other Side of the Wind”).came calling about his suspense thriller "Kirkwood," Alcain didn't think twice about working with the acclaimed writer/director.

"Kirkwood" follows the life of former police detective Joe Dolan and his estranged teenage son, Max, who then try to cover up an accidental murder. But when the victim’s family hires a ruthless private investigator to look into the case and begins to suspect the Dolans, the boy’s sanity is pushed to the breaking point and Joe must take action to keep their secret hidden.

The movie is the second feature film for Phelan who made his debut with the 2015 film “Jasmine,” which played at a number of festivals such as Hong Kong, Palm Springs and Stockholm.

Alcain's past work on the recent films “When the Music Stops Playing,” “Grey Matter,” and contributions to festival darlings “Outdooring,” “Gummi Bear,” and “How to Live Your Life Correctly.”

“I’m very excited about working on ‘Kirkwood’ and making Dax Phelan’s vision for the film come true,” Alcain said. “It’s great story about a unique family dynamic between a father and son that takes a turn as they get embroiled in a mysterious murder.”

Known for her work in character-driven dramas, Alcain brings to “Kirkwood” a varied background and expertise that was nurtured early on when she first gained an appreciation for the filmmaking process.

“Growing up in the Philippines, we got an influx of American shows some time in the 90s and I watched everything I could. My mom didn't allow my brother and I to watch TV during the weekdays because she felt like it distracted us from our studies,” she recalled. “When I was about to become a teenager, my cousins recommended a movie that changed my life forever – Amy Heckerling's ‘Clueless.’ I don't even know how many times I watched that movie. It taught me so much about life and love and the great thing is, it still holds up to this day. Years later, my brother recommended Christopher Nolan's ‘Memento’ and that too changed my life because after watching it, I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker.”

Taking her talents to the U.S. in recent years, Alcain found her niche with a number of credits on various productions, going from production coordinator and unit production manager to associate producer and producer.

“Filmmaking for me is a tool to tell a story that should impact the viewer's life. By impact, I don't necessarily mean that they have a complete perspective change – though if it does that, great,” she said. “The impact for me could be something as simple as the viewer is entertained and that they forget the things that are worrying them.”

Next up for Alcain is the upcoming film “New Year’s Eve,” from director Hao Zheng (“Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story”).

For more information on Mil Alcain, follow her on Instagram at and on Twitter at

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