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Paul McCartney to Appear in Upcoming Rolling Stones Album

Feb. 23, 2023

LONDON – Despite a seeming rivalry that began in the 1960s, Paul McCartney has agreed to collaborate with the Rolling Stones on their new album.

According to CNN, a representative for the Rolling Stones confirmed in an e-mail to the network that McCartney, 80, will play bass “on just one RS track.”

Denying press reports that the collaboration also includes the Beatles’ other surviving member, Ringo Starr, the spokesman said the recording would not feature McCartney’s former bandmate. No other details are available about the album, which will be the first since the Stones’ longtime drummer, Charlie Watts, died in 2021.

In the 1960s, the Beatles and the Stones were two of the biggest groups in the world. While the Rolling Stones are still touring six decades later, the Beatles broke up in 1970. John Lennon was shot and killed in 1980 and George Harrison died of cancer in 2001.

Despite the rivalry, McCartney and Lennon actually wrote the Stones’ first hit, “I Wanna Be Your Man,” and, four years later, Jagger appeared in the studio when the Beatles recorded “All You Need Is Love.”


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